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The Low Carb Babe


Have you ever dreamed of being able to lose weight without counting calories, being hangry or giving up your favorite food?! In The Society I teach you exactly how to do so while becoming the best version of yourself and feel in control of your food choices again. 

Let me ask you a question. Do you find yourself… 

  • Stuck in the repetitive cycle of “eating healthy” or completely cutting out carbs to lose weight but then overeating after a few days or weeks
  • Working out really hard without seeing the scale drop at all or even go up
  • Frustrating and upset every morning when you get dressed because your pants feel tight and you don’t feel confident in any of your clothes 
  • Starting and stopping different diet plans because for the love of god you can’t figure out what is actually going to work for you 
  • Telling yourself day after day that you are just going to “do better” and “be better” but it’s just not working 


  • You knew exactly what to eat to lose weight without counting a single calorie or being hungry all day long
  • You took control of your food cravings so you didn’t find yourself feeling the NEED to eat something sweet multiple times per day
  • You were able to confidently wear your favorite clothes again without them feeling tight or uncomfortable
  • You felt at peace with your mind and body because you finally found a way of eating that just sticks and feels right 
  • You were your healthiest self, which made you confident about starting and raising a family in the near future 

You have two choices my love

Do you want to stay stuck in the same vicious cycle finding yourself in the same position you are in today in 6 months from now ?

Or are you ready to actually commit to yourself by making a simple and suitable change for good?

If you are ready to step into the women you know you are capable of being so you can lose weight and become the best version of yourself… The Low Carb Babe Society is for you!

What’s In The Society …

The Low Carb Weight Loss Success Path

Learn Heather's 4 phase proven method for losing weight without counting calories or being hungry. You will learn how to have enough flexibility to live your life with enough structure to still reach your goals via Heather's video trainings and PDFs.

Exclusive low carb weight loss recipes

Each month you will receive new exclusive low carb weight loss recipes following Heather's proven weight loss meal formula. All recipes are super easy, minimal ingredients and are absolutely delicious!

Monthly Live Q + A Calls

To provide you with the ultimate support, Heather will go LIVE twice a month in the Low Carb Babes Society to answer any questions you have on your weight loss journey. This call will answer all of your juicy questions about your weight loss so you can feel confident that you are moving in the right direction.


You will have access to a community chat so you can connect with other like-minded babes who are also living a low carb lifestyle for weight management. Going at your weight loss alone can be really daunting. There's nothing like having other babes in your corner cheering you on so that we can make this journey FUN and MOTIVATING!

Babes who have followed Heather’s proven system… 

Raechel is down 20 pounds in The Low Carb Babe Society!

Lee is down over 65 pound!



 I am no longer afraid to go out to eat with my friends while I am trying to lose weight. Thoughts of food no longer consume me. I don’t think about it as much because of how my hormones are now balanced. I used to turn down social events because I knew I would gorge and feel guilty. I am no longer fearful of that and I have a life. I have fun. I have that true balance now!

Tanja lost those stubborn 10 pounds she has been trying to lose forever!

“I have never been overweight but am someone who puts on weight easily, always had to watch what I eat etc.  When pic (Sept. 19) was taken I felt frustrated and stressed about weight fluctuation, being uncomfortable in my clothes etc. I was FOREVER trying to lose 5 to 10 pounds but never really got there, despite eating a fairly healthy diet and going to the gym. I started thinking that I’ll just have to accept the fact that this is what happens in your 40s and that I won’t be able to change things.

Low carb never appealed to me as my family and I were used to eating meals based around pasta, rice, potatoes etc and I assumed that I love food and big portions too much for achieving my goal. I was also worried about not having enough time to follow a fancy diet and doing time consuming things like complex food prep, calorie tracking etc. 

 Heather’s program was a game changer for and doesn’t feel like a diet . The Society’s meal formula and recipes are simple and can be easily adapted to suit my family’s needs as well as mine.

I lost ten pounds in total and recently got to my target weight 115 lbs (pic 2) without ever feeling hungry or deprived. I am still kind of shocked about how effortless the process felt. I enjoy all my meals and hardly ever get food cravings. 

I so wish I had discovered this approach much earlier in life and I am thankful to have found a system that works for me and is stress-free.”

Before the Society I was in a frustrated head space, and I was beginning to feel that my weight loss goals might not be attainable. I was 156 lbs, working out 4x/week, and trying to make healthy eating choices– but the scale wouldn’t budge. Now 4 weeks later, I am already down to 145lbs! All without spending my spare time counting calories, feeling like I was starving between meals, or restricting myself from eating foods that I enjoy. It is a completely sustainable lifestyle change and not just another fad diet to help you lose the pounds in the moment. Could not recommend this enough– if you are on the fence, give it a try! You won’t regret it.


Update: Amy is 16 pounds down 10 weeks in, at her goal and her fasting blood sugar dropped from 118mg/dl to 90mg/dl.

Are you ready to get started?! 


Yes, although I don’t think you’ll want to! You can cancel at any time. Just make sure to cancel before your next billing date starts so that you are not billed for the following month.